Nelson Mandela has a characteristic good laugh at a press conference.

The latest R5 coin that has been released by the South African Reserve Bank as the initiator of our national currency has a representation of some samples of some of the currencies and coins that they have instructed to be produced over the last few years. The placement of the 90th Birthday Mandela coin on the coin has assured that this coin will sell for millions and millions of rands in the highest grades of these coins.

We at S A COIN are projecting that the initial growth of these coins will be over 5 000% in the first year after their release. These coins will be an integral part of the rare R5 Mandela coins. All valuable rare coins are formatted into relatable sets such as all of the coins that are related to Mandela. These sets are sold for up to 50% over the value of each coin when complete.

A picture of the obverse and also the reverse of the 90th Anniversary Reserve Bank coins.
These rare Mandela rare coins are an encapsulation of the entire history of our great rainbow nation. That as one of the worlds most successful multi ethnical nations due to the world icon Nelson Mandela illuminate the entire world. There are many regions around the world that are hot spots of activity that have far, far longer histories of conflict than our own. But through the grace of God we were imparted with the gift of Nelson Mandela that galvanised our nation into one of the worlds greatest democracies.

All things that we see that are objects of material creation send a message. The stunning high-rise of the Michael Angelo hotel a testament to the artistic genius that they represent and also a testament to the massive success of our nation in South Africa. The message of the hotel and its incredible beauty, that South Africa is the bastion of Africa and the defaco leader of all of the nations throughout Africa and a message to all of the foreign nationals that visit our beautiful country that South Africa is not only the United States of South Africa but that we are also today with the department of Apartheid a nation that is a global player. It is important that we all as people learn to read all of the messages that we see so that we are able to be the global players in the world economy that we wish to be.

The 90th Anniversary of the Reserve Bank rare Mandela R5 coins also impart a message. A close and introspective look and examination of these coins tells us that these coins are not beautiful coins but also blessed coins that have been manufactured by our great nation. The South African Reserve bank a bastion of stability run by an inexperienced new black government that were deprived of the necessary education of their white local counterparts and also the world at large. That we are one of the few countries in the world that are not laden by bad debt and also have large reserves and an excellent balance of payments and one of the best Moody ratings in the world. This is an enormous testament of the great ingenuity and a remarkable testament to the new black government that took the reigns of our great country.

Phil Marcus The Governor of The South African Reserve Bank and Head of Strategy and the Head of Strategy and communications of the Bank, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe hold two of the 90th Anniversary rare Mandela coins of The South African Reserve Bank.

The reason that these coins are blessed coins is due to the fact that they have the number 7 that appears on the coins. Counter rotating from left to right you have a currency note that has Jan van Riebeek upon it the one of the primary founders of our country making one, the second is St George killing a dragon illustrating our defeat of evil. The third number the rare Mandela 90th Birthday coin to commemorate the most significant and most important man of the 21st century an icon and often referred to the 'father of the world'. The fourth number the commemorative coin of the rare and endangered Black Rhino one of the most remarkable animals on the entire planet. South Africa is the garden of Eden the very cradle of mankind and the origin of the 12 black tribes that populated the world and to whose blood all of the people of the world can be traced to. The fifth number the coin that represents the King Protea our nations national flower. The sixth number the two sparrows of huge sentiment to the Afrikaans for they represent the trail of the Afrikaans men, woman and also children who at the hands of the British during the Anglo Boer war died in their thousands. The seventh number the large number five that represents the value of the R5 coin and also the value of all of the rare R5 Mandela coins that are the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world. The rare R5 Mandela coins also represent the largest nett value of any rare coins in the world. A value in excess of one billion dollars!

The conditions of the Bethulie concentration camp. Which are a poor indictment of human nature if there ever was one.

The two most significant and emotive coins that are placed onto this commemorative currency coin are the rare Mandela 90th Birthday coin that commemorates our past Presidents birthday. The great significance being that he is one of the greatest men that has ever walked the earth of our planet. He is one of the most loved and respected men in the history of the world. The second most emotive coin is the South African ΒΌ Penny (Farthing) with two sparrows. During the Anglo Boer war of 1899 - 1902 in the Bethulie concernation camp sought their faith in God and the bible to use the text "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing and one of them fall to the ground without your Father knowing it?" - Mathew 10:29. The basis of this was that the British gave the captives of the concentration camps in which they were held so little food. It caused one of the Boer woman to make the epicurean remark that if sparrows are able to eat so little seed and stay alive then so shall we. It must be added that that the English and those of English decent cannot be held accountable for the evils of their past ancestors. All populations have at one time or another dominated and abused the populous of another nation.

Nelson Mandela holding one of hundreds of thousands of birthday cards that were sent to him to wish him a happy 90th birthday.

Nelson Mandela appearing on the cover of Time magazine for his 90th Birthday a day that the entire world sought to celebrate.

The South African mint has produced 5 million of the rare Mandela 90th Anniversary of the South African Reserve bank. The total face value of these coins will be a mere 25 million rand in value. As with all of the rare Mandela R5 coins they will be snapped up by South Africans throughout the country. It is unlikely that you will see any of these coins ever in circulation. For each time the South African Mint has produced any of these coins they have all been collected and placed away by all South Africans. We have never ever seen any of the last Mandela coins that the mint has produced ever appear in small change. South Africans are all too aware that these coins will greatly appreciate in value.

The coins that the South African mint has produced have all been beautiful stunning works of art. Which have obviously taken a great deal of creatively and thought. All the designers and the minters of these coins are to be highly commended they are of the highest global standard. The coins are very similar to the European Euro which is also produced by our mint but they have always exhibited far greater creativity than the Euro. They are state of the art produced with one of the most advanced minting presses in the world.

The South African Reserve Bank building.

The Euro of the EEC whilst produced by our mint and also a beautiful coin is not anywhere equal to the rare Mandela 90th Birthday coin or the 90th Anniversary of the South African Reserve Bank.

The rare Mandela 90th Birthday Mandela commemorative coin. Some of which are selling in excess of one million rand.

The 90th Anniversary rare Mandela R5 coins commemorating The South African Mint that have been produced by The South African Mint are uncirculated. Only hold these coins by the sides of the coins. This is because these coins are sent through to the largest grading companies in the United States to get graded. The United States grading companies are the best graders of coins in the world. In uncirculated condition they are graded from MS-60 to MS-70 on a ten point scale. They are graded on the basis of the least amount of scratches on the coins. They therefore all start at the grade of MS-70 and for each scratch that appears on the coin a grade is subtracted down to MS-60 for the lowest grade in MS(Mint State). You should therefore not touch the surface of any of these coins for each scratch that appears which can be made by just touching the face or back of the coin will have the coin drop in grade and hence drop in its value. If you are lucky enough to get a coin that is graded in MS-70 denoting a perfect coin the value of the coin will be in the region of one million rand. There will be very few perfect coins though whether you touch them on their surfaces or not. But naturally your touching the surface of these coins will lead to a drop in the value of the coin.

The rare Mandela 90th birthday coins are the fastest appreciating rare coins in the world as are all of the other Mandela coins that have been produced. You can expect to make very, very substantial amounts of money from these rare coins. Especially if you buy them now whilst they are at issue prices. These coins will grow at exponentially fast growth rates as with all of the other rare Mandela coins that have been produced before them! Make sure that you get in at the ground floor before the prices of these coins start to dramatically increase. These coins will show hundreds of thousands of percent growth over the years that come ahead. There is no capital gains tax that is to be paid on these coins. So if you invest R100 000 in them and that appreciates to R1million rand. You do not pay A single cent tax on the profit of R900 000 that you make. It would be very wise for you to acquire as many of these coins as you can! Particularly whilst they have just been released and the coins are at nominal values.

The Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor is a single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation supermaneuverable fighter aircraft that uses stealth technology. It has a maximum speed of Mach 2.25 (1,500 mph, 2,410 km/h). It is one of the most tactile and manoeuvrable fighter aircraft in the world. It has a vertical climb that is just astounding. CLICK HERE to have a look at the impressive performance of this jet fighter. We expect the rare Mandela 90th Anniversary of the South African Reserve bank to see its impressive performance. We expect these coins to have performance levels that exceed the performance of these jet fighters.

Whilst there is international participation in the rare R5 Mandela series of coins these coins have not been extensively marketed overseas. As Nelson Mandela is considered an international icon and has been referred many, many times as "the father of the world" these coins will soon be marketed into the international markets. At that time you will see a dollarization of the rand prices of all of the coins. In other words a million rand coin will be worth in the future one million US dollars. We have seen this occurrence with the old rare Kruger coins that were marked overseas 20 odd years ago. Additionally Mandela is loved by most of the peoples of the world. This will make the sale of these coins into any international market very easy. This is due to the fact that Nelson Mandela is liked by both the Israelis and Palestinian alike.

It is also important to consider that there are now rare Mandela 90th Birthday coins that sell for in excess of one million rand. We expect that these coins will also have a similar path to their predecessors and also in the highest grades sell for in excess of one million rand. Nonetheless you should acquire as many of these coins in the highest grades that you can. This could be the last rare Mandela coin manufactured and as such afford you as an investor the last opportunity to invest in the rare Mandela coins at ground floor values. All of these coins in all of thee grades are expected over the years to increase in value by hundreds and hundreds of percent!