1. The South African Coin Corporation (PTY) Ltd

The High Security entrance to the Woodmead Office Park,
the location of the S A COIN’S Building.

The South African Coin Corporation or S A COIN as we are better known, is the largest coin company in the world that buys and sells South African rare coins. We are the only coin corporation in the country to own an entire building that is solely dedicated to the sale of coins.

S A COIN was established in 1995 by its current directors Mark Andersen (CEO) and Mariam Bashir (MD). Both Mark and Mariam had operated a successful coin business for 5 years prior to establishing S A Coin. They decided to focus their time and effort on South African coins. This was the creation of The South African Coin Corporation.

Mark Andersen has had experience in the coin industry for 17 years and Mariam Bashir has 30 years experience. S A COIN's General Manger, Gordon Byars has worked with Mark and Mariam for 10 years. The management team of S A COIN is also the most stable in the entire South African coin market. Collectively, they are staffed with some of the best known numismatists (coin experts) in the country. No numismatists have a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms and dynamics underpinning the South African coin industry than S A COIN.

S A COIN Building located at 13 Polo Crescent,
Woodmead Office Park,
Van Reenen Ave, Woodmead, Sandton.

In 1998, S A COIN set a world record with the sale of our country’s rarest coin, which fetched over 1 million dollars at that time. This feat was so astounding, that Coinage magazine (the largest circulating coin magazine in the world) ran a front page cover story on the sale. This is the first time to our knowledge, that a foreign coin has ever been afforded such this honour by an American publication. To make the cover story even more spectacular, our national coin was regarded as a future contender for the world’s most valuable coin.

We have clients all around the world, ranging from Adelaide to Zurich. One of our goals is to maintain the highest standards in our industry. We aim to set the standards by which our peers are judged.

We recognise that we are also the custodians of many of the rarest historical artifacts from South Africa. It is a great privilege to be the leading corporation in an industry that plays such an important cultural role in South Africa. A nation is only as strong as its culture and this should be vigorously promoted and defended.

The Single 9 on the front cover of Coinage magazine. This is the largest circulating coin magazine in the world

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Mark Andersen
Chairman & CEO of S A COIN

With 17 years experience in the SA rare coin market.
Mariam Bashir
Managing Director of S A COIN

With over 30 years experience in the SA rare coin market.
Gordon Byars
General Manager of S A COIN

With over 15 years experience in the SA rare coin market.

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