Nelson Mandela left all of us South Africans with the greatest gift that he could. His legacy and also an inheritance of a South Africa at peace with all South Africans both black and white working together in one of the world's newest and most successful democracies. Nelson Mandela will always be celebrated as one of the greatest men of all time. In the coin market the 225 000 NGC Mandela rare coins that have been graded through NGC constitute 64% of all South African rare coins graded. They also place South Africa as the third most coin certified country in the world. Only behind the United States with 60 million coins graded and China with 800 000.


In 1995 S A COIN did an analyses of the world rare coin market with a specific focus on the US rare coin market. The US rare coin market was at that time the largest rare coin market in the world. It also had most of the highest appreciating rare coins in the world. We wanted to know why this was the case. It was obvious that this was in large part due to the fact that the US at the time had the world's largest GDP. But more significantly than that we noted that they had the largest number of graded or certified coins by a third party grading company. We quickly saw that the greatest catalyst to the growth of US rare coins was their certification. The more coins that the Americans had graded the higher and higher that the values of their rarest coins became.

We at S A COIN decided to introduce NGC the then second largest coin graders in the world to South Africa. Last week NGC proudly announced that they had graded their 30 millionth coin and this had made them the largest coin graders in the world. It was also a time for S A COIN to be very proud about the fact that South Africa was listed as the third most coin certified country in the world behind only North America and China. South Africa has 350 000 NGC graded coins and this provides the foundation of South Africa's most powerful rare coin market in its entire history. Of the 350 000 graded coins 225 000 of them are the R5 Mandela coins that were minted by the South African government for Nelson Mandela. This makes the R5 Mandela rare coins the most favoured rare coins of all South African rare coins.

One of the greatest benefits of certified rare coins is that they are amongst the most liquid of all asset classes in the world. Prior to the introduction of rare coin certification in the United States the rare coin market was not very liquid. But today the US rare coins in their NGC, ANACS or PCGS capsules trade throughout the world like stocks with very high degrees of liquidity.

At the time that S A COIN introduced NGC to South Africa we faced large scale opposition from many of the coin dealers in South Africa who were very against the introduction of NGC. It is important to consider that as with all things there are those that are for and those that are against. Those that are for Jesus Christ and those that are against, those that are for Nelson Mandela and those that are against. The way that we all make decisions when we are confronted with for and against is to work with balanced probabilities. That is to mean to say we look at those that support the subject matter and those that are against. Upon finding that those that are for have greater support than those that are against then you are able to make an educated decision.

The dealers in South Africa that were against the NGC grading of our coins feared the change to the status quo of the marketplace. What this meant primarily is that it took away the power of the coin dealer to grade the coins that you were going to buy or sell the coin dealer, without your knowing that this was done. When a dealer that you are doing business with grades the coins involved in a transaction this means that he is able to lift or drop the price of a coin. When buying a coin he could drop the grade that he gives your coin and give you a lower price and when he is selling a coin to you he could do the opposite and lift up the grade of a coin selling it to you at a higher price than it is worth.

The South African coin dealers that were against the grading of South African coins through NGC cited several reasons that they were against them. They said that NGC was an American company and that they could not grade South African coins. This was not true for when you are grading coins through NGC, ANACS or PCGS they all use the Sheldon system to grade coins. This system allows you to grade any of the coins from any country in the world. Today all of the coin dealers that were so against the use of NGC are now buyers, sellers and promoters of NGC coins. S A COIN has always been the central architect of the South African rare coin market. S A COIN has always used cutting edge technology from the United States to guide the general direction of our market in South Africa. They are with the world's largest GDP of 19.2 trillion dollars almost always the country with the very best technologies to introduce to South Africa in virtually every sector. This also includes the opinions that they have about the coins that are bought and sold in South Africa. The value of the US rare coin market is at over 10 billion dollars the most advanced and headed by the most powerful numismatists in the world. The leaders of the US rare coin market have always given their full support to the Mandela rare coins.

In 1985 PCGS began the certification of all of North America's rare coins. At that time you could have been an affluent American and been able to afford some of America's rarest coins. But in the short space of time of just 5 years by 1990 the pressure of all of the graded coins placed very significant pressure on all of the rarest of America's coins. By the end of 1990 America's rarest coins had increased so dramatically in price that you had to be rich to pay the six and seven digit amounts that they were selling for.

We are projecting that in 5 years from now that there will be over 1 million rare coins that have been graded through NGC, ANACS and PCGS in South Africa. The metric of 350 000 coins means that the upward pressure on all of the rare coins that have been graded will lead to the coins with lowest populations at the top of the market appreciating at some of the highest rates of appreciation in the world. What this means to the investors and collectors of these coins that they will reap some of the highest financial returns in South Africa.

The metric of 350 000 graded coins through NGC will significantly elevate all of South Africa's rarest coins from the 1931 tickey to the rarest of the Mandela coins with populations of less than 2 500 to those that have populations that are as low as 1 in the Mandela rare coins. With the Mandela rare coins having 225 000 graded units they will be some of the coins with the highest upward pressure meaning that the investors and collectors of these coins will have some of the highest returns in the country.

It was Chris Woltermann one of the United States most respected numismatic journalists that led to S A COIN promoting the Mandela rare coins in our country. He is an academic with over 50 years' experience in the world rare coin market. He is a regular contributor to World Coin News the world's largest world coin newspaper. In one of his most recent articles he stated that the Mandela rare coins with low populations were extraordinary rare coins when they had low populations. He has some of highest numismatic credentials in rare coin numismatics in the entire world. He also writes as a contributing journalist for World Coin News. His Editor David harper is one of the most powerful and influential numismatists in the world. He personally vetted all of the articles that Chris Woltermann writes. This effectively means that World Coin News has given its tacit approval to the fact that the Mandela rare coins are some of the most rare coins in the world with low populations and also that they are fastest appreciating rare coins in the history of the world.

We all have to thank Nelson Mandela for the 1 billion rand rare coin market that we are all participants in. The 350 000 graded coins represent a market valued at over 1 billion rand. They also represent the largest number of consumers that have ever been created for the South African rare coin market. With the metric of 350 000 graded coins that means that there are around 150 000 consumers that participate in the NGC graded coins. To place that in perspective The South African Mint has just over 50 000 customers. Everyone in South Africa has S A COIN to thank for the 150 000 rare coin consumers in South Africa. All of the coin dealers in South Africa have S A COIN to thank for the high values that are attained for all South African rare coins. You could have bought from S A COIN a Veldpond in the grade of MS-64 for a mere R35 000 in 1996. Today that coin is worth R2 500 000. Had S A COIN not introduced to South Africa NGC in 1996 none of the South Africa rare coins would be at the lofty prices that they sell for today.

S A COIN is the central architect to the South African rare coin market using the very best technologies imported to South Africa and also the opinions of the most powerful numismatists in the world to advise us into which direction to steer the South African rare coin market. If you take the 225 000 Mandela rare coins that are in NGC capsules that represents 64% of all of the coins that were graded by NGC for South Africa. Without this number of coins graded South Africa would not be in third place behind the United States and also China with 800 000 graded coins. That would mean that with only 125 000 graded coins we would rank about 50th in the world and yet we have the third largest certified market with the largest grading company in the world, NGC.

You may be for the Mandela rare coins or you may be against. But if you are against the Mandela rare coins then you would find yourself in the minority. The Mandela rare coins from South Africa have the broadest acceptance of all of our coins throughout the world. They also provide an opportunity for South Africans to take advantage of a world market when selling their coins. Almost everyone around the world was for Mandela with few against. This is exactly the position that you will find globally when looking at those that are for the Mandela rare coins and those that are against. The second largest rare coin market for the Mandela rare coins is in the United States and it is growing at an exponential rate. More of the Mandela rare R5 coins are sold per day throughout the world than the combined values of all of the other South African rare coins that are bought and sold in the South African market by all of the other coin dealers. That would be expressed at a ratio of the coins that have been graded through NGC that being 64% of the total South African rare coin market.

It is the vision of S A COIN to create a multinational global market for the Mandela rare coins. Where they are dollarized and sell for high US dollar values in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The Mandela rare coins provide an export opportunity on a global basis when S A COIN begins to market these rare coins directly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and also Canada. The Mandela rare coins will in the future dollarize and you will see that in the next five years that the Mandela rare coins are in their infancy with the market in these coins being only 20 years old. The Mandela rare coins are as old as our democracy and if that is not the most tacit support of these rare coins I do not know what is. It is only the Mandela rare coins that reflect the epoch of change in South Africa and bring to light the administration of Nelson Mandela creating one of the most peaceful and successful transformations in the history of the world.

Consider the fact that the 1994 Inauguration coins minted for Nelson Mandela were to commemorate the inauguration of one of the greatest men of all time. The coins were also the very first coins that were minted in South Africa for a black person and that they were minted at The South African mint by the Afrikaans past supporters of apartheid that Nelson Mandela had successfully defeated. The six coins that were minted for Nelson Mandela are still at the very beginning of their journey to becoming some of the most sought after rare coins in the world. In as little as 5 years from now the investors and collectors that buy these coins now will remember fondly the low prices that they were able to buy these coins at in the past.


With the past sale of an uncirculated specimen of the rare R5 Mandela 90th birthday coins in the grade of MS-69 for 2.5 million rand and the sale of proof 70's at R275 000. These coins are internationally acknowledged as being the fastest appreciating rare coins in the history of the world. The MS-69 grew at a staggering 49.9 million percent in total or 12.4 million percent per annum and the proof 70 at 2 100% in total or 700% per annum. This is a trend that we expect to continue for many, many years ahead. We are projecting that the proof 70 Mandela R5 90th birthday coins will be selling for R450 000 at the end of the year and around R1 million rand at the end of 2015. We are projecting that the proof 69 Mandela R5 birthday coins will be selling for R65 000 at the end of this year and R120 000 at the end of 2015.

In January of 2012 the proof 70's were selling at R125 000. By the end of March 2012 they had leapt in price to R240 000 a massive increase in value of 92%. When they sold at R275 000 this was a further rise of 14.6%. Had you been prudent enough to invest in several of the proof 70's in January 2012 at R125 000 you would have had a return on your capital of 120%. That would have been more than double your capital in a mere 4 months. We are projecting that the proof 70's will be selling at R450 000 rand at the end of 2014. Should that appreciation occur this will be a further appreciation of 88%. The next coins that we expect to dramatically rise in value are the proof 69's. They are the second finest known coins and there are only 2 215 of these coins. They are currently selling at R35 000 and we have projected that they will be selling at R65 000 by the end of the year. Should that projection be correct this will translate to an 86% increase in your capital.

We strongly urge you to buy as many of the proof 70's and proof 69's that you can this year to add them to your investment portfolio. You may not ever get another chance to buy such rare and sought after coins at these low prices again. These coins by the mintage of only 5 000 coins are the rarest of all of the Mandela R5 coins.