11. The Mandela R5 coins are the fastest appreciating rare coins in the history.


by Mark T Andersen
Anytime that any item increases in value by 1.9 million percent in 6 years, the world takes notice. Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest and most extraordinary people to have ever walked our planet. All of the legal tender coins that have been produced in South Africa relating to Nelson Mandela are showing the highest rates of financial performance in the shortest period of time, compared to any other rare coins in the history of the world.
It is currently estimated to be worth more than R250 000.

The obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side) of the Proof Mandela coin that was sold for R100 000 (US $16,700). This coin grew in value by 1.9 million percent in 6 years making it the fastest appreciating rare coin in the history of the world.
It has always seemed to me that Nelson Mandela has had the hand of God surrounding him. There can be no doubt to anyone even to his greatest detractors of which there are very few that the man does not fall under any definition of the word normal. If any of us did half the things that Nelson Mandela has done and tried to get away with them we would for the most part end up being crucified. But, not Nelson Mandela. Let me give you a slight example, with the success of the South African documentary Tsotsi (bad person) Nelson Mandela told the press that when he was young he too was also a Tsotsi. The press a ravenous group of wolves at the best of times took this story and reported it as scintillatingly as possible. The end effect was not negative but positive as many people praised the truthfulness of Mandela. After all we have all done bad things at some time or another though few of us are so brave as to admit it and even fewer so publicly.

Nelson Mandela and the actors Presley Chweneyagae and Terry Pheto, holding the Oscar
that was won for the South African documentary, Tsotsi.

Nelson Mandela is an extraordinary person. He is not without faults, but he is nevertheless extraordinary. He is very humble and quickly corrects any perceptions that he is a Saint of any sort. It seems that the general rules we apply to most human beings are not applied to Nelson Mandela. Interestingly enough, the coins related to him have also surpassed all human laws and conventions.

The famous smiling face of Nelson Mandela. I remember writing to an American friend of mine about the Mandela R5 coins, “There is something very extraordinary going on here…” little realising that the Mandela R5 coins were going to do something that I had never ever seen any coins do before.

A couple of years ago, coin dealers began to notice something extraordinary happening in the coin market-place. We started receiving more and more calls from people that held the 1994 Inauguration R5 coins, asking what they were worth. The interesting thing about this phenomenon was that South Africans en masse had collected these coins and they thought that they were worth more than their face value. It was something everyone just knew without having to be told. This was extraordinary indeed! In my entire lifetime I have never seen or heard of any similar mass coin phenomenon anywhere in the world. Nelson Mandela is a man of such powerful magnitude that he had created market forces that were driving up the values of any coins related to him.

An artist's impression of the R50-million statue that will be built in honour of Nelson Mandela in Port Elizabeth, his birth place. The statue will be 22 metres larger than the Statue of Liberty in New York and will
be the largest statue dedicated to any person in the world.

The scale and size of the new Nelson Mandela statue is going to make it instantly recognizable as
one of the world's greatest landmarks. It will be a global shining beacon to freedom.

The point is that because Mandela is such an extraordinary man, it has also affected his coins. Another example of this is when I noticed a worn Mandela R5 coin in my change, I placed it aside into a special folder, even although I knew as a numismatist (coin expert) that the coin had no properties of rarity whatsoever, as the condition was too poor. Why did I do it? In fact, why did almost all South Africans do the same thing? I think it is because we are all instinctively aware that his coins are special!

President George W Bush talks to former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa in the Oval Office Tuesday, May 17th, 2005. All the world leaders treat Nelson Mandela with a reverence and respect
that they simply show no other.

The reason is clear. Nelson Mandela is such a greatly admired man that anything indirectly or directly related to him is more valuable than other comparable things. For example if you or I were to paint a picture and try to sell it, there would not be too many takers. If Nelson Mandela does a painting, people will clamber to buy it and will be prepared to pay a huge amount of money. His coins are a reflection of his immense achievements and his positive personality. They are already the undisputed, fastest growing rare coins on our planet.

'The Window' by Nelson Mandela.
Authentic art pieces done by Mandela are also rocketing in value on the international art market. It can clearly be seen that everything and anything associated with Mandela increases greatly in value.

When I saw the powerful market forces that were supporting the Mandela coins, I convened a meeting with our management. I told them that I believed the 1994 Inauguration coins and the Mandela coins which were ignored as pocket change by dealers, were actually rare and sought after by the marketplace. Never in the history of our country has there been a demand for any coinage that was so young. It usually takes coins years and years to become rare and sought after. As mentioned previously, anything related to, or influenced by Nelson Mandela has powerful forces supporting it. Nelson Mandela's powerful influence is simply staggering.< br>
A statue of Nelson Mandela in London. What makes this statue even more interesting is that Nelson Mandela has no direct ties to England at all. To have a foreign country honour you in this way is extraordinary.
After a strategy meeting regarding the Mandela coins, we decided to do a test run on the marketplace. Our corporation only deals in rare coins, as they are one of the highest growth investment sectors in the world at the moment. The difference between a rare coin and a regular coin is that regular coins will not give you high financial performance. The central law of rare coins is that the fewer there are, the rarer they are and the higher their rates of appreciation. We purchased a number of the R5 proof Mandela 2000 coins that had been struck by The South African Mint and sent them to NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America). They are one of the world's largest and leading graders of coins. You can visit their website on www.ngccoin.com. All coins that we sell are graded, as are all investment quality rare coins in the United States.

Click here to view the population reports of NGC showing you how many of the rare Mandela coins have been graded.

We started to market the coins by placing a few advertisements in the press. The demand for the Mandela coins from the public was astounding! We were selling more coins than in the entire history of our corporation and due to the great demand, were seeing prices rise faster than with any other coins we have sold. There was also a greater international demand for these coins than with any coins we had previously offered in international markets. We literally had buyers from every corner of the globe.

Nelson Mandela giving a contemplative smile.
Nelson Mandela is a universal hero. What sets him apart from most other famous people and celebrities is the fact that he is beloved by the people of the world. There is simply no greater act than the act of showing love. Nelson Mandela is beloved by most people around the world. He has taken a place in the hearts of people around the world and many items that are related to his name such as paintings, coins and other memorabilia are actively sought out by collectors and investors.

It is also important to note that anyone attempting to oppose the Mandela coins is inadvertently attempting to oppose Mandela himself. It is in fact, Nelson Mandela who created the very global market forces that support everything directly or indirectly related to his name. It is the proverbial ant trying to stop the elephant. These market forces are equivalent to the energy of a giant tsunami wave and are simply too powerful to be opposed.

The giant statue of Nelson Mandela in Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, South Africa.
It is one of the largest statues of any man that has ever been made.

Numismatics is about the collecting and preservation of coins of the highest quality possible and then forming them into related sets. Collectors and investors that compile the highest quality Mandela sets are going to have coins that are worth a considerable amount of money in the future. I believe that the Mandela coins, like the man, are extraordinary. Due to this fact, they are going to exhibit rates of appreciation that will have the coin and financial community in awe! The finest known Mandela set could easily be worth over one million dollars in the future. Most of the Mandela rare coins available at this point in time are at affordable prices. This will not last for long, however. As more and more collectors and investors start buying these coins, they will start increasing in value. You now have the opportunity to compile a number of Mandela sets at reasonable prices that can be put away as an investment for yourself or your children.

There are four coins that make up the Mandela sets, the proof and uncirculated 1994 R5 coins and the proof and uncirculated 2000 Mandela coins. Out of all four coins, the coins with Mandela's smiling face are obviously
going to be rarer than their counterparts. This is because the central marketing force behind these coins
is Mandela himself. The coins with his portrait are going to be major beneficiaries of this fact. We are
advising collectors and investors to compile as many of these sets as they can in order to diversify
their overall investment portfolios and also to increase their capital.

Initially, I thought that the rarest coins would be the Mandela proof coins. I then had a long chat with a very learned numismatist and American friend of mine, Chris Woltermann. He told me something that I had never even considered. He said that in the States, with any new issues of coins, the uncirculated coins are often more rare than the proof varieties. This is because collectors buy the proofs from the mint, but they ignore the uncirculated coins, which are placed into circulation to be used as money.

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This means that there are fewer examples of the circulated coins that are in brilliant uncirculated (never been touched) condition. Coin rarity is all about numbers and when numismatists look at rare coins, one of the most important questions that they ask is how many there are. At the moment, we are actively looking for as many of the proof Mandela coins that we can find and also for as many of the BU Mandela coins as possible. All the coins are sent to the United States for grading. The numbers of the graded coins are available for viewing on NGC's website.

Newly-elected President Nelson Mandela addressing the crowd from the balcony of the City Hall in Cape Town, South Africa on May 9, 1994. The following day he was inaugurated as South Africa's first
democratically elected president at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Most of the proof coins that are bought through us are graded. Very few of the regular Mandela coins are of rare quality. The quality of the circulation Mandela coins has to be uncirculated. This means that the coins should hardly ever have been touched and not circulated as regular money. Collectors and investors want to buy rare coins of the highest quality and in pristine condition. The South African Mint made over ten million regular Mandela coins. When they are found to be in poor condition, such as regular pocket change, they are not regarded as rare any longer.

We may see a situation where the BU Mandela coins become rarer than the proofs or vice- versa. One fact remains, however and that is that both varieties of these coins are going to be phenomenal financial performers in the world coin market place for a long time to come. The market formation of the Mandela coins is still in its earliest stages and there has never been a better time to invest. Make sure you do not miss the boat! In the next few years to come, the Mandela coin market should mature, with prices at high dollar values. Call our corporation and speak to one of our friendly brokers if you would like more information on the Mandela sets or visit us at