9. Mandela R5 sells for R200 000 (US $29,412).

The coin above in (Proof 69) PF-69 has a current estimated value of R500 000 (US $74,000). Over the past 7 years they have increased in value by 3.9 million percent.

It is a record breaking sale that has astounded the local and international coin community. A humble South African R5 coin with the head of Nelson Mandela has been sold for the incredible price of R200 000! A 3.9 million percent return in just 7 years.

The Rare Mandela R5 Proof coins are the fastest appreciating rare coins in history

S A COIN corporation is proud to be the company that discovered and highlighted the Mandela rare proof coins to the world for what they are recognised as today, one of the worlds greatest coin rarities. We were quick to see the potential that these coins had to become one of the greatest coin rarities ever. Today as you read this you are witnessing history being made in the international world coin market. We South Africans now have unequivocally the world’s fastest appreciating rare coins ever in the history of the entire world.

Nelson Mandela smiles as he holds the Webb Ellis Trophy that was presented to him by the Springboks at the Mandela foundation in Houghton October 27, 2007. Not only is South Africa the world rugby champions but we also have the worlds fastest growing rare coins, ever!
Former South African president and Nobel peace prize laureate Nelson Mandela (C) poses with the Web Ellis cup held by South African coach Jack White (L) and South African captain John Smit (R), 27 October 2007, at the Mandela foundation in Johannesburg, as part of the celebrations with the South African rugby union team after their victory of the Rugby world cup in France.
Nelson Mandela (C) poses with the world cup winning team, the Springboks, at the Mandela foundation in Houghton October 27, 2007.

In 2006 S A COIN sold a Mandela proof PF-69 R5 coin for R100 000 (US $16,700) that record sale made the Mandela proofs the fastest growing rare coins ever in the history of the world. With latest recent sale of another specimen of these coins for the astronomical sum of R200 000 (US $29,412) that has vaunted these coins into an arena where they have absolutely no competitors that come remotely close to the levels of appreciation the coins have shown. These coins have grown by an absolutely staggering and unbelievable 4.4 million percent over the past 7 years!

What makes all of this even more amazing is that we at S A COIN believe that this is just the beginning and that these coins are going to show even greater growth and break even more records in the future. We estimate the current value of the 3 PF-69 Mandela rare coin specimens to be R500 000 (US $73,529) each. In a relatively short space of time we expect that these coins are going to break through the R1 million rand barrier and then in years to come the US $1 million barrier. The Mandela rare proofs are going to be one of the best investments in the world for generations and generations to come.

The coin above is the finest known specimen of the Mandela R5 rare proofs (highest quality). Its grade is PF-69 and there are only 3 of these coins in world. This coin was recently sold for R200 000 (US $29,412). It has grown by 4.4 million percent over the past 7 years making it the fastest appreciating rare coin in the history of the world. We estimate the current value of these coins at R500 000 (US $73,529) each. We expect all of the three specimens of this coin to be worth over R1 million each in the near future (US $147,058) and then to go onto being worth more than US $1 million.

The vision of S A COIN has lead to over R30 million worldwide to be invested in the Mandela proof coins. The amount of investors and collectors that are eagerly participating in the worlds most exciting rare coin issue ever is growing exponentially every single year. Once a coin is recognised as being rare like the Mandela rare coins they only become more and more rare as the years pass by. Anyone who is reading this information is fortunate enough to be doing so when the Mandela rare coin market is still in its infancy. That means that you are able to benefit from years and years of high growth that you will get by buying these coins now.

Nelson Mandela speaks to assembled dignitaries and members of the public following the unveiling of a statue of the South African icon in Parliament Square, in central London, 29 August 2007. The 2.7 metre (nine foot) bronze sculpture will take its place in Parliament Square alongside figures including Britain's Second World War leader Winston Churchill and 19th century United States president Abraham Lincoln

Nelson Mandela (L) looks on with his wife Graca Machel (2nd L) as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, (3rd L) Wendy Woods (2nd R) and the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone (R) unveil of a statue of the South African icon in Parliament Square, in central London, 29 August 2007. The 2.7 metre (nine foot) bronze sculpture will take its place in Parliament Square alongside figures including Britain's Second World War leader Winston Churchill and 19th century United States president Abraham Lincoln

A statue of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, is seen after it was unveiled in Parliament Square, London, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007.

What makes the Mandela rare coins so different from all the other rare coins that there are in the world and what makes them grow so fast is simple. They are the worlds first and only coins that have one of the most loved people of all time that is imprinted on the back of them. Had there ever been an official currency coins that were minted with Lady Diana, Mahatma Ghandi or any other person that was equally loved by the peoples of the world they would have had similar performance or growth rates we are sure.

There are dozens of coins that have had Lady Diana, Mahatma Ghandi and also other beloved persons placed on them but none of them were ever official currency coins. This is a very important and much ignored fact. You see if you buy any coin that could not be used to buy things in the country of their origin at the time of their minting they are not recognised as being proper coinage of their country. That means that no matter how few of them were ever made they cannot ever become rare coins. With the Mandela rare coins you are able if you want to go through to any store anywhere in South Africa and buy things with them. In other words they are coins that you can actually spend. That is what makes the Mandela rare coins so different from all the others and so special.

The Mandela coin that you are looking at above was made with the authorisation of the government of Rwanda. But you could not use this coin as a form of currency in Rwanda or anywhere else for that matter. It is simple if you buy a coin that was not at the time of its minting money that you could spend it cannot ever become rare. Coins like the ones above are only worth their gold value and do not have any rarity. They cannot become rare ever, no matter how few were made. The Mandela rare proof coins are money that you can buy things with and that is why they are the only Mandela rare coins in the world today.

We at S A COIN have seen the Mandela proofs soar in value from their launch price in 2005 of a mere R735 per coin to the values that they are at today. In 2005 we instructed our brokers to call their clients and tell them that they had an incredible opportunity to invest R73 000 into buying 100 of these proofs that they could expect to get high returns in the 100’s of percent. If you had invested R73 000 in the Mandela proof rare coins with us in 2005 aggregating the grades of the coins as when they were originally sold they were of mixed grades your investment would be worth today over R1.5 million rand in just two years! This astronomical performance is almost unbelievable but a fact!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy (L) welcomes Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel (R) upon his arrival at Paris Orly airport, outside Paris, September 3, 2007.

Just have a look at the chart below to see a graphic display of the growth of the Mandela rare coins that as just absolutely staggered the world coin community. But we at S A COIN believe that the Mandela rare coin market still in its infancy with years and years of high growth ahead of them. We expect that the Mandela rare coins are going to have a global market capitalisation of over R1 billion rand in the near future. That means one simple thing and that is this if you are an investor or a collector and you have a portfolio of these coins you are going to find that they are one of the most lucrative investments that you are ever going to make.

The Mandela rare coins continue to defy their critics and keep growing every single year as more and more investors and collectors from all around the world enter the market. Do not get left behind and make sure that at the very least you place a few of these coins into your investment portfolio. To our South African clients these coins are particularly special as they are mementos of South Africa’s most favoured and loved son, Nelson Mandela. It is true to be said that anything that has the Mandela name or picture attached to its sells like hot cakes and that is also true for these coins too. But something that is more important than that is these coins are a numismatic legacy that is placing South Africa at the very top of the world coin collectors list when they see that they can own a rare Mandela proof coin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) talks to Nelson Mandela during her courtesy call in Johannesburg October 6th, 2007.

S A COIN has been promoting the Mandela proof coins locally for the most part. In a year or two from now we are going to start promoting the Mandela rare coins initially in the United States and also the EEC. We are going to give all of our domestic and international clients a prediction that they are able to hold us to in black and white. That is this, these coins values are going to accelerate to even more rapid levels the moment that we start to promote them in the large overseas markets.

We believe that once we start to do this that there will be many South African sellers of Mandela proof rare coins as we make them more and more lucrative offers to buy back their coins so that we are able to sell them to clients that want to buy them overseas. But this will be a bitter sweet sale. When the coins are sold they will make very large profits only to be disappointed that they have sold the coins when they see that they continue to rise in values to even higher heights in dollars and euro overseas.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - MAY 31: Prime Minister Tony Blair (R) and his wife Cherie meet with Nelson Mandela on May 31, 2007 in Johannesburg , South Africa. Mr Blair was on a five day visit to meet with African leaders as he prepared to stand down as Britain's Prime Minister on June 27, 2007.

It is very important for you to understand that once a coin is recognised as rare that their values over time do go up and down. But over the medium to long term that their values continue to go higher and higher. The same is to be said of all good investments property or stocks and the same is true for coins. You may buy one of these coins at various intervals as they appreciate but that is what they are going to continue to do over the medium to long term, appreciate. The only factors to debate are going to be by how much over what period of time.

what you should do to make the greatest financial gains from the madela rare coins

What you should do to make sure that you get the greatest financial gains from the Mandela rare coins is to complete entire Mandela sets. You should then place these away as long term investments and benefit from the extraordinary financial growth that these coins have. The best way that you should accumulate sets of these coins is to try and compile sets of these coins in the highest grades that you can. The sets that have the highest grades will also have the highest rates of growth.

Not only will these sets make you a great deal of money there are also other advantages that the sets will also give to you that few other investments can. The sets and the individual coins are valued in US dollars which gives you hedge against a future fall in the value of the rand should that happen. But the second most significant factor that makes these rare coins a must have for your investment portfolio is the fact that the profits that you make from these coins are totally tax free. That means that if you are fortunate enough to make a million rand profit from these coins then that is what you will place into your bank account with no deductions whatsoever. What a pleasure to have a totally tax free investment! Just the fact that these coins are tax free should be incentive enough to get you to place a meaningful amount of money into these coins as an investment.

The best way for you to ensure that you benefit from the fantastic returns of the Mandela rare coins is to compile sets like the ‘Mandela Prestige Set’ above. Investors and collectors that place a number of the sets above into their investment portfolios are going to be pleasantly surprised with the returns excellent returns that they get. The profits from the Mandela rare coins are also totally tax free.

If you have krugerrands you should also consider swapping some of these into the Mandela rare coin sets. Krugerrands are also good investments but they do not ever give the high returns that can be gained from rare coins. The profits that you get from krugerrands are also taxable on their sale. Krugerrands are an excellent form of immediate cash as they can be sold straight away. However when held over a long term period they are never able to equal the investments that are made in rare coins. Gold is a more commonly available commodity and it is this reason that precludes gold from ever have the higher returns of rare coins which are very limited in number.

There are two Mandela rare coins sets that are sold. The ‘Prestige set’ and the ‘Standard set’. Both sets are rare and both sets will give to their investors and collectors that buy them excellent financial gains. The Prestige set consists of all of the R5 coins that were made that relate to Nelson Mandela. They are the proof R5 coin that has his face on it and also the inauguration R5 proof that were made to commemorate his inauguration. The set also consists of the uncirculated or MS (Mint State) R5 coin with his face on it and also the uncirculated or MS (Mint State) inauguration R5 that were made to commemorate his inauguration. The Standard Set consists of the Mandela R5 uncirculated with his face on it and also all of the uncirculated coins that were produced during the year that the Presidential R5 coin with his face on it was produced in the year of 2000. This set consists of 10 coins in all.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela and former US president Bill Clinton meet at an exhibition at the Mandela House 19 July 2007 in Johannesburg. Nelson Mandela, the icon of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, marked his 89th birthday 18 July by launching fellow elder statesmen on a venture to reduce conflict and despair

"Every time Nelson Mandela walks into a room we all feel a little bigger, we all want to stand up, we all want to cheer, because we'd like to be him on our best day."
—Former President Bill Clinton

It would be a wise idea for you to place 20 or 30 of these sets or more away as a long term investment. Selling one or two of them over the years when you need to need to. They could be one of the most profitable and financially rewarding investments that you make. You could place a few of these sets away to pay for the future education on your kids or just as an overall investment in your investment portfolio.

Since the very beginning of coin collecting people have always compiled complete sets of related coins. Today all well educated investors and collectors still do the same. The main reason for the compiling of sets is that all coins actually belong to a group or set that can be interrelated to a time period, leader or other similar factor. When a complete set is compiled it is always worth more than an individual coin or an incomplete set of the same coins. The collecting of coins was initially seen as a way to preserve the history of the past. Today as well as preserving history and providing collectors with an avenue to spend time, rare coins have become a multi billion investment sector providing some of the most attractive investment returns in the world.

In this photo July 17, 2007 Nelson Mandela, left, with Brazilian soccer legend, Pele, right, in Johannesburg, on the eve of a soccer match to be staged in Cape Town, South Africa. The match between an African 11 team and a team of players from the rest of the World formed part of two weeks of celebrations to mark Mandela's 89th birthday. Mandela turned 89 on July 18, 2007.

We expect that the market capitalization of all of the Mandela rare coins to increase to over one billon rand in the future. What this means that as more and more investors and collectors globally start to compile these sets their values will just go higher and higher with time.

If you have already bought the individual Mandela proof or uncirculated rare coins then what you should do is to start to build sets around the coins that you have. The greater the number of sets that you are able to form the better the overall growth that you will get from the coins.

The finest known of these sets are going to sell for millions and millions of rands in the future. They will also most certainly sell for in excess of one million US dollars in the future. A select few will be lucky enough to have the very finest sets. However the benefits of these coins appreciation will be felt by all investors and collectors that participate in the market. Whether you have the finest known set or one of the most common sets everyone should see stellar financial returns.

Nelson Mandela speaks during the Nelson Mandela 46664 World AIDS Day Concert as artists in the back ground look on in Johannesburg, South Africa, Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007.

Nelson Mandela is seen on a screen during the 46664 AIDS charity concert at Ellispark stadium in Johannesburg December 1, 2007. The concert, which coincided with World AIDS Day, was an offshoot of similar shows that have been held in South Africa, Spain and Norway.

The Mandela rare coins and also these coins in the form of sets are going to continue to be one of the best performing global investments that you can make. Once a coin is considered as rare by the global coin community as is the case with the Mandela rare coins they will only continue to increase in value. The Burgers pounds of 1874 were recognised as being rare in 1874 and were worth just little more than one British pound then. Today many of the specimens of these coins are sold for in excess of a million rand. Our point being that rare coins become rarer with the passage of time and that they also greatly increase in value.

Were you to place R100 000 into Mandela rare coins and R100 000 in any other investment sector that is available to you locally or abroad you would have a very tough time beating the performance of the Mandela coins. They a have an enormously powerful and strong market that continues to expand rapidly all the time. Even critics of these coins have been stupefied by the continued high growth that the Mandela rare coins have shown in all market conditions.

The finest known sets will of course show the highest rates of appreciation. But it is those sets that are the ice breakers of the market setting record prices that pull up the prices of all of the coins that are behind them. Even if the returns of the most common sets are a fraction of the performance of the finest know sets the financial performance will still be amongst the highest returns to be gained anywhere in the world today. The investors that have been fortunate enough to have a finest known Proof Mandela have benefited from the coins appreciating 4.4 million percent above its face value. But the investors and collectors that have purchased the lowest grade PF-60 Mandela coins have also seen significant returns of 1000’s of percent above the face value of the coins. Our point being that no matter where you invest in the Mandela rare coins there are excellent returns to be gained.