About S A Coin

Dear Client

S A Coin is the largest coin company in the world that buys and sells South African rare coins. Our central philosophy is to build rare coin collections and portfolios that will achieve high financial growth. We are also committed to the use of our coins to enhance, preserve and expand our rich cultural history worldwide.

Some of our clients have collections worth in excess of US $5,000,000. Many of these collections have achieved capital growth of over 70% per annum.

Our market allows for the entrance of the largest and the smallest investors and collectors. South African rare coins range in cost from as much as millions of US dollars to only a few hundred dollars for less rare specimens. Many of the less rare specimens have performance aggregates in excess of 35% per annum. Compared to other collectibles such as paintings and investments such as property, SA rare coins are very affordable.

It is also a very simple investment to understand and is a great deal less complex than the art and antique market, which can be notoriously complex. There is also never any doubt of a coin's authenticity, as they are independently graded and authenticated. They are all sealed in tamper proof plastic capsules with serial numbers, by the two largest American grading companies in the world.

A picture of the Fine Beard Burgers pound that was sold for the world record price of US $184,210 or R1.4 Million. It is expected to be worth more than R1 million in only a few years from now and eventually more than 1 million US dollars.
Our core focus is on the coins and patterns of the ZAR (Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek 1874-1902), which are our speciality. In addition to ZAR coins we also buy and sell Krugerrands, Krugerrand sets, proof Krugerrands, all coins marketed by the South African Mint, all South African rare coins, South African patterns, Griqua coins, Griqua patterns.

Worldwide, from Adelaide to Zurich, rare coins have proven to be one of the best performing asset categories available for investment over the past several hundred years. There are also no taxes to be paid on the profits by South African collectors and investors. Should you sell and make a million rand profit it is tax free.

Our friendly staff hope to assist you in building a portfolio that will captivate your imagination, while still maintaining high financial returns to increase your capital wealth.

Should you want to invest in coins just click here: . Enter your telephone number, location and approximate amount you would like to invest. One of our highly trained brokers will then contact you with our recommendations.

Yours Faithfully
Mark T Andersen
Chairman & CEO